Corporate Event Planning

SpotOn Events Corporate Event Planning

SpotOn Events is the premier San Francisco corporate event planning company. We create the best package custom-tailored for your business goals. We can manage an entire event from site selection, registration, vendor management, on-site operation and final billing or just areas where you need coverage.

We’re happy to do all or any part of the planning process, whatever you need to support your event. We have talented staff that support our work on-site and an excellent vendor network to tackle just about anything.


While our core service is creating SpotOn events for your business, due to the very nature of events, we are often asked to provide ancillary services for our corporate clients which include marketing and public relations. We have more than 15 years experience in marketing events and are happy to be of assistance in helping our clients develop marketing initiatives around their events. We have a stable of graphic designers and support staff at the ready to help take your marketing initiative to the next level and ensure that your overall marketing strategy is SpotOn.

Public Relations

Should you need extra support, SpotOn Events can help you create your public relations strategy. From conception to completion we are here to support you.

Incentive Planning

Your team is the heart of your organization and incentive travel programs are a great way to inspire and reward their hard work. We give your business a competitive edge by creating custom group incentive travel program designed for your organization.  A great sales reward should never come in a box. It should be experienced, felt and remembered. It should surprise and delight your team and create share-worthy stories that inspire the entire team for the next year. Your hard-working team should feel a rush of excitement that sticks with them and sparks motivation to achieve powerful performance again and again.

By partnering with SpotOn Events, you can motivate your employees in a way that encourages individual excellence and enhances overall company performance. We specialize in creating full service custom programs in an impactful way to motivate and reward your team.

At SpotOn Events, we utilize a unique client focused planning approach. Our team of seasoned planners will proactively create an incentive travel program carefully customized around the particular preferences of your group. Your top sales performers earned this trip. Let’s make it worthy of their efforts.

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