About SpotOn Events

What we do:
SpotOn Events is a top Bay Area Event Planner and Designer, focusing on full-service corporate and non-profit meetings, incentives and events. We specialize in meeting and event production with a focus on creating business goal-oriented results and long lasting memories.

What sets us apart?
SpotOn Events has never done any marketing. Our clients hear about us from others who love us.

We want to change the status quo in meeting and event production. We don’t just do logistics. We work with our business partners to understand their meeting and event goals before we start planning. Sure, anyone can order a flip chart or lunch, but can they take specialized marketing expertise, understand the subject matter of your meeting, and propose ways to enhance the delivery and implementation of your business goals? That’s what we do and we love doing it. Ask our clients!

Why do we do it?
We love thinking out of the box, tackling a challenge and working on projects that are anything but cookie cutter!

We help our clients develop and strengthen relationships, increase sales or market share through incentives, recognize employees, improve employee and customer communications and stand apart in their field.

We love the creative process and weaving your story, your brand, and your theme into all aspects of the event and leaving your attendees with a lasting, impactful experience.

How do we do it?
We work from the final product backwards. We conceptualize with you about what you want your meeting or event to look like, the mood, and location and then create a script or timeline on how to accomplish your goals.

SpotOn’s Start to Finish Event Box
Many of our clients are very busy people who don’t have the luxury of time on their side. Whether they are litigators, investment bankers, accountants, doctors, tech company execs or full time moms, they come to us and give us two pieces of information – the reason for their event and their budget. We take it from there and they just show up.

Don’t know what you want your end product to be? No problem, we here to guide you through the process and provide our expertise to help you create your end goal.

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